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Karen Moore-Hoskins
Lady Karen Live

Dr. Loudella Evan-Reid
In True Worship
“Thank-You Lord”

Malcolm Williams
“Back On My Feet”
“Everybody Praise Him”
“I Feel A Praise”
“My Joy Is Coming”
“Real Joy”
“See His Face”
“What More Must God Do”
“When God Sees The Blood”


One 4 Christ
In True Worship


Malcolm Williams
In Your Glory
“I’ve Come To Give Him Praise”
“I’m Next”
“I Repent”
“You Shall Live”
“All Things Work Together”
“Blood Donor”
“God Will Supply”
“I’m Glad I’m Changed”
“The Blood Still Works”
“In Your Glory”
“You Oughta Help”


Ben Cone
Live From Jackson


One 4 Christ
God Can Still Use You
“He’s Worthy”
“God Can Still Use You”


Curtis Branson
I Still Have My Praise
“He Didn’t Give Up On Me “I Was Created”


Danell Daymon
God Did It
“I’m Gonna Wait”

Beverly Crawford
Live in Los Angeles
“God Has Been Good To Me”
“We Need To Hear A Word”
“He Keeps On Blessing Me”

GMWA Mass Choir
Live In Orlando
“Already Alright”

Gospel Fever
“Let Us Praise The Lord”


Dottie People
He Said It
“The Last Word”
“Where Would I Be”

Dorinda Clark Cole
Live From Houston
“I’ve Got A Reason”

GMWA Mass Choir
Live In Milwaukee
“God Is My Everything”


Malcolm Williams
Walking In My Destiny
“Everything That Has Breath”
“A Chance”
“Walking In My Destiny”
“Due Season”
“My Everything”
“God Can”
“All To Jesus”
“Until He Saved Me”
“I’ve Got A Right”
“I Will Praise You”
“Hold On”
“Meant To Live”


Mark Hubbard
Blessin Waitin’ On Me

Rodney Bryant
Change of Seasons
“Don’t Judge My Praise”


Carolyn Traylor
There’s A Story Behind My Praise
“No Credit”


GMWA Mass Choir
Live In Kansas

LaVarnga Hubbard
Nobody Else Compares To You
“Don’t Judge My Praise”


Make People Sing
“In Your Glory”
“I Was Created”

Greater Mt. Calvary
Greater Mt. Calvary Live
“He’s Worthy”


T. Rene
Live In Chicago
“Everytime I Turn Around”
“Get It Out”
“He’s Done So Much”


Gotta Have Gospel
Gotta Have Volume 2
“Gotta Make It In”

GMWA Mass Choir
Live In Tampa
“Gotta Make It”


Malcolm Williams
Renew Me
“Live Holy”
“How Majestic”
“Renew Me”
“Oh 2 B N”
“Signs of the Judgment”
“No Rocks”
“Now Is The Time”


The Bishops Choir
Good To Me
“Good To Me”

GFC Chorale
Vision For The Ghetto
“I Can’t Wait”


Angela Spivey
Glory, Honor and Praise
“Praise Him”
“Under The Blood”


Malcolm Williams
Gotta Make It
“He Suffered”
“Gotta Make It”

Adrian B. King
New Millennium
“No Matter What Happens”


Mark Hubbard
He’s Up There
“King Jesus”
“High Praise”
“Wipe Your Tears Away”


Angela Spivey
In The Church

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